September 9, 2011 Hobby, Music

Last Wednesday, just 2 days after Mrs. Mela asked me to join a concert, she texted me. Told me that I had to came to my music school to take another piano sheets. I will not play 1 song, but 3 songs because she said the song before is too short. Errrr.. (-_-“)

So yesterday I met her and received the sheets. I’ve joined a concert before. On my last concert I played Humoresque, a 2 minutes song and learned it in 1 month.  I also had join a competition. I play Sechs Lieder ohne Worte, a 3.5 minutes song, learned in 3 months. Now I gotta play 3 songs and only have 15 days left? Wow. And oh.

Seriously, I have to learn hard for this! I slept late yesterday and today it will happen again, I think. Hope I can play it well, amin. GANBATTE! Okay, see you on the next post!


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