Tell Her To Make Her Better

October 1, 2011 My Mind

Idk, but I think telling private things on your social media like fb or twitter account is just immature. Sorry to say but that’s what on my mind. And last night I read on my acquaintance’s twitter timeline (I know her less than a week), we don’t follow each other but I knew her account from the other friend.

So the point is her timeline (let’s just call her Ms. A) telling us that she really hate another woman (this one is Ms. B) because of many things. Ms. A tell her followers that Ms. B is not perfect, has no initiative to do important things, not open minded, not welcome to critics, and she tweeted that with no mention of course. Me, if I put myself on followers’ shoes, will be really hate Ms. B too. Come on, from those bad description of Ms. B, who will like her?

But behind all of those things, I feel sad too. Really. It’s because I’m Ms. B. I’m the woman that she hates. And what make me more sad is some of things that she said is not true. Yes in some cases I do admit that I’m bla bla bla bla, but I did that because I have reason. It seems that you’ve already covered your ears and you didn’t listen to me and in the end you tell your friends bad things about me.

Still talk about her twitter, she said on her timeline that I need to be taught on many things but she write it on her twitter instead of telling me her thought. Come on, do you really wanna teach me or you just want to tell the world that I’m that bad? If you really hate me, if you think that you need to teach me, SAY IT DIRECTLY TO ME NOT TO YOUR FOLLOWERS. Other thing made me being so madly sad is people who responded her, seems that they really hate Ms. B as much as Ms. A do.

Well here I am writing this blogpost sadly. Maybe Ms. A doesn’t know that I read her tweets on twitter but it happened, I read those, and the feeling is just like I’m stabbed in the back. Then all I wanna say here is when you hate someone, tell her, not the world. If you tell her, you help her to be better. If you tell the world, you vilify the person you hate and your own name, absolutely. This post is written by me, the woman who being hated. With this post then you know my October didn’t start well. But I hope this is the only bad thing I have in this month, aamiin.



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