Yes, I am the lucky one!

June 23, 2012 Music

Actually this is a copy version of the latest post on my tumblr with the same title. On this one, I just translate it in English. So for you guys who have read my tumblr, please don’t be bored and enjoy the flow of my words~ Here we go!

I saw Jason Mraz! After a sad story on last November 2011, I had 3 VIP Jason Mraz’s concert free passes but couldn’t go to Bali, finally last night I saw and sang along with him on his tour in Jakarta. Thanks, God!

What I got from his concert last night?
Before the concert began, I saw Chevrina and Kamga from Tangga, a famous vocal group from Indonesia. I asked my friends (Gugun, Janet, and kak Astrid), “Do I look tacky if I come there and ask for their signature?” and they said, “No, it’s okay.” Then I came to them and I got this.

Even though I like Tangga since I was on high school, actually I looked for Vidi Aldiano, a famous handsome singer (>,<) He is Nitnot’s favorite, hhahahhaaa.. We knew that Vidi would come to Jason Mraz’s concert then Nitnot asked me if I meet him, I had to say her greeting to Vidi. I didn’t sure I could see him because there was more than 6 thousand people at Senayan. But, I said to Gugun, Janet and Kak Astrid that I looked for Vidi since the concert began. When the concert was over and we wanted to go home, kak Astrid said “That’s Vidi with the stripe one!” and she pointed to someone. I thought she was joking but then I knew that it isn’t. That was the real Vidi Aldiano! I followed him and finally I got this.

Hi Nitnot (from Vidi)

The link above is a 6 seconds video that Vidi made for Nitnot. Just open the link and you’ll see what it is but if it isn’t really clear on your ears, here I write it for you.

Halo Nitnot, ini Vidi Aldiano. Teman kamu nyuruh saya bilang HAI untuk kamu. Bye!
“Hello Nitnot, this is Vidi Aldiano. Your friend asked me to say HI to you. Bye!”

The photo above, a bit blury. Hahhaa I captured it by myself and my hand was shaaaaaaaaking~

That’s about the other. Then how about Mr. A-Z? Well I didn’t capture any photo or record any video about him last night. Too nervous to make a great photo or video (actually I did but it’s blury) and it was too far! Seriously, I got nothing about Jason on my camera. And for the last, this is me and Gugun at Jason’s banner.

So, I’ve seen Jason with my own eyes, met Chevrina, Kamga, and the one who I looked for in more than 6 thousand people, Vidi Aldiano. Now I can say that I am the lucky one! Yes, I am!

And now I’m hoaaaaaaaahm.. sleepy. Bye fellas, have a good night (or day)!


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