Sungha’s Concert, Confirmed!

July 28, 2012 Music

One of the most-talented-fingerstyle-guitarists in the world, Jung Sungha, will come to Indonesia! This is what I’ve been waiting so long. Oh my, I still remember how I surprised my friends during the KKN days (KKN is like a community development participation class that I had to take). It was on January, when I still on my bed and not fully awake (maybe it was about at 5 am) I checked my email and opened facebook on my handphone. There was an announcement on fb that  said that Sungha will come to Indonesia on this December and suddenly I shouted “AAAHH!!” loudly. Some of my friends came closer and asked me why I shouted so loud. Hahahaaa it was funny that when I told them the (unimportant) reason of my shout they didn’t really care and went back to their lovely bed. They thought something happened to me. Sorry fellas. Yeah it was January. Too much euphoria for 11-months-more thing, it came too much when it shouldn’t, haha..

Now I know that the concert will be held on November – not December. I’ll see Sungha with my friend, Giza. Yesterday the presale came out and we were very excited! After some process we did, finally we got the VVIP seat! It’s numbered seat, we dunno the number yet, but we hope we’ll get the front seat, amin! Every time I think about it, I do very excited! Imagine how me and Giza shake Sungha’s hand (yeah, we also got the meet and greet session), talk to him, ask him to sign our paper or book or cloth or guitar or something we bring, idk.

The photo above is me, Sungha, and Giza. See how much Sungha and Giza look alike? Hahhaa, that’s why I always say that Sungha is Giza’s brother, lol. Okay, now is D-110 to the great day (don’t call me freak to count the day, I use day counter on my laptop). It’s kinda funny that I want time fly so fast for things like this but want it to be frozen for some other things, hmm. Now I just wanna say, “Can’t wait to see ya, Sungha!”



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