September 2012

Enjoying Life Rules – Me Version

September 9, 2012 My Mind

Every word I write below is just my opinion, so you may agree or not. Up to you and happy reading, here we go. What we need exactly to happily live our life? There’s no exact theory for that. People have different life. One thing I know, life is simple. Eat when you hungry and just eat. Too many comments or complaints, you couldn’t taste the joyful of life. Smoke if you wanna die at your young age, don’t smokeRead More

Hi there!

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Mirza Arfina, an Indonesian who loves Indonesia and currently enrolled as a graduate student of Padjadjaran University, majoring in clinical psychology. Some of my friends call me Mija and you can call me that too. Thank you for coming to this blog, hope you have a good day!