Enjoying Life Rules – Me Version

September 9, 2012 My Mind

Every word I write below is just my opinion, so you may agree or not. Up to you and happy reading, here we go.

What we need exactly to happily live our life? There’s no exact theory for that. People have different life. One thing I know, life is simple. Eat when you hungry and just eat. Too many comments or complaints, you couldn’t taste the joyful of life. Smoke if you wanna die at your young age, don’t smoke near the people who cover their nose with their hand while you do that. Sleep when you feel sleepy and just sleep. You don’t need to tweet on your twitter “Oh I’m sleepy”, universe just don’t care. If you need to sleep so sleep, don’t tweet. Do what you wanna do, ignore what people say without ignoring their rights. Be free but still respect others (oh I just ignore others’ tweeting right, sorry).

I said life is simple, but don’t just be too simple. You won’t be seen by others (in this case it’s just a problem if you want others to see you). So what else? Be unique. Don’t say “I’m not creative, I don’t know how to be unique”. Being different is unique. People like something different, so do you, don’t you? Close your eyes, free your imagination. Fly with it and make it real – don’t let it just stay in your mind. The next step is acceptance of others. Because of it’s your imagination, which is not objective, maybe sometimes people don’t like what you do. Being unique doesn’t mean being liked by others, it means being seen by others. Use every chance you have to make it real. YOLO guys, you only live once so don’t waste it.

Make a wish, take a chance, make a chance, and breakaway!

Thanks for reading this random post, this is just me being sarcastic – and trying to enjoy mine. Hope you guys enjoy your life, with mine or maybe your own way.



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