Just Smile, It Helps

January 12, 2014 Belajar Psikologi, My Mind

“Just smile, it helps.”

Kata-kata di atas ini aku dapet dari Adhel in a 15 mins escape journey on last Friday. Jadi minggu lalu emang lagi cerita suatu masalah gitu dan kata-kata dia yang paling nempel ya itu. Maybe he doesn’t even remember but it was just like a knife stab in my heart. Seorang Mirza Arfina, yang ngaku lulusan psikologi, tenggelam di masalah sendiri dan bahkan ngga inget cara paling sederhana untuk ngangkat mood diri sendiri.

“Kalo lo ga bisa nolong diri sendiri, gimana lo mau nolong orang lain?”

Itu tambahan kata-kata jleb dari temen lain, Ica, buat aku. Actually she didn’t mention it to me tapi kok kesannya pas banget ya.

Bukan berarti (calon) psikolog ga boleh punya masalah. Semua orang di dunia dan akhirat pasti punya masalah. Mau yang sekecil kutunya kutu atau bahkan sampe segede bapaknya dinosaurus. Tapi semua dibalikin ke diri sendiri, masalah itu mau di-keep atau diselesaiin. Buat orang-orang yang ada di luar kendali buat nyelesaiin masalahnya sendiri, bener tuh kata Adhel. Senyum aja. It does. It helps us in many things. So what smile can do? Here I’ll share to you, fellas. Semoga bisa ngebantu juga ya 🙂


Making yourself attractive– Not only slim figure but smile also can make you    attractive. People were drawn to the person who is smiling. All want to know more about the smiling personality. This is a natural process. Thus smile helps you to become ttractive.

Help to change the mood– “I am very upset on the day when I lose my favorite job.     I through pots on floor and mess up all set    up of living room” Larry told the story. “I get violate so much for the first time of my life. Suddenly my homes door bell ring. I open up door with disturbs mood my girl friend was on the door.    She doesn’t have any idea what had happen? When I saw her face which was having very nice smile on. I feel so relax and little bit happy. She took me in her warmth arm and I suddenly change. I    know her smile made the  miracle’.   In Larry’s case her    girl friend’s smile help to change the mood. It is true that smile can change the mood. Smile can change others mood but the person who is smiling will also feel relaxes after having good smile    on face.  Next time when you will feel down try to put smile and feel the change in your mood.

Help to lighten the room– Smile is contagious. Your smile as can change the mood also can lighten up the room where you    are smiling. Your smile unknowingly make atmosphere happy. Smile person bring happiness with them. Smile lot and you will draw people to you.

Relieves stress– Now a day life is full of stress whether it is family life or    professional life. Stress can shows on our faces. Smile helps us to prevent from looking tired or overwhelmed. When you are stressed take time to put a cute smile on your face. Stress will be    reduced and you will feel better to take action.

Boost your immune system- Smile helps your immune system work well. When you smile    your immune system improve as you are more relaxed. Prevent flu and cold by smiling. Fight with the dieses by smiling great.

Lower blood pressure- It is medically prove that smile lowers the blood pressure. It    is measurable reduction in your blood pressure when you smile. If you have blood pressure monitor at home you can check out.

Makes you look younger – Many women will be happy to read this. Yes it is true    that smiles help you to look younger. For smiling we use    the mussel which lifts our face and help us to look younger. Don’t go only for face lift. Try smiling in a day and see difference, you will look younger and feel better.

Help to become successful- Yes smiling people has better chance to get successful in    life. Smiling people are more confident which is important for any kind of success. Smiling at meeting and appointments where people react to you differently because of    smile.

Makes you positive-Smile is the sign of positivity. When we are smiling our body    sends the message that “life is good”. Let run away depression stress and worry from your life. It only can happen by smiling.

To connect with people- Smile helps to    get connected with people. Because of smiley face people were get attract to the person and they try to get in touch with the smiley person.  Smiley    face spread happiness and positive attitude which no one dislikes.

Powerful tool of flirting– Smile is the powerful tool of flirting for a women.  Giving just a cute smile, women can easily attract the men whom she wants.

I got those words from this page.


When you smile, you actually don’t only boost your mood but also makes people around you happy too. So just smile, it helps! 🙂



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