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May 25, 2015 Meja Makan, mirzart

Today me Bandung Foodies went to one of newest coffee shop in Bandung. We were invited to taste and review their product. At first we just planned to come to one place but in the end we came to three! And yes, today is my last day to do this kind of activity before I go to Malang next week. Here’s my today photo diary 🙂

Blog 06

Some of new menus that will be launched on June 2015 at Kingkong Express

Blog 02

Coffe and cake at Esp Coffee

Blog 04

Taro Latte Foam and Dika‘s hand #ototinframe

Blog 01

Those naughty hands by annoying friends lol (idk why they always disturb me when I try to capture a picture)

Blog 07

We are Bandung Foodies!

Blog 05

Another new menus, this time at District 29

Blog 09

 (Pretend to) draw Princess Merida (photo credit to Stefan)

And because I’m going to Malang next week for about 14/15 days, maybe today is my last time doing this kind of activity.



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