MOOC Project: Done!

March 2, 2016 mirzart

Been about a week from the day I said yes to Kat. Now guess what: all finished and I’m so glad that Kat and her team like my result! Kat said that she want a picture of me and her playing drum expressively. It’s so fun that in fact I can’t play that instrument at all. But then the omg-i’m-so-excited feeling didn’t went that well since I found that my drawing is so bad 🙁

So here I tell you the process. At first, I drew a sketch of me and her.

Kat 01

Not really satisfied with the sketch but I decided to continue this one.

Kat 02

Still not good, was so disappointed with my self. It’s really look like cartoon girl from Islamic Kids Magazine–iykwim. Clearly remember that it was 1am on last Sunday so I decided to go to bed. The next day, I tried to make another sketch and  this is what I did:

Kat 03

Happy enough for this one, sent it to her and the team at Melbourne and they like it! Then I continued my work: adding some details and moved to coloring process. The team said that rainbow of colors could work to represent diversity and inclusion. Actually rainbow is not my style but I’m quite happy to see the result.

Kat 04

As an Indonesian student without any educational background of art nor design, I’m so excited that this picture now published internationally as the logo of one of the course at By the way if you wanna join the course, just click the link. It’s free!



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