Get Well Soon, Bilo!

June 24, 2017 Random Things

So since I live home alone, my only friend is Bilo my almost 7y/o kitty-girl (if the invisible ones don’t counted). But in these last few weeks something weird¬†happened to her. She started to eat palm-fiber from my house broom and vomit it out later. Bilo what’s happening to you? ūüôĀ

Bilo then and now

Then I asked Giza’s hubby who’s a vet. He said long-haired cats like her¬†will usually eat grass because of its high fiber, so she chews the broom¬†for missed the grass. And now¬†I have to hide my house¬†brooms from Bilo’s view for her¬†health. Giza said “demi kemaslahatan Bilo” exactly lol! Oh whatever happening to you, get well very soon Bil! Be happy, be healthy, be gendut again! :*



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