If Music Be The Food of Love, Play On

December 11, 2018 Music, Música Clásica

Oh it’s been a very very very long time since my last post and here I wanna tell you. I’ve graduated and I’m a clinical psychologist now!

On my grad day (photo captured by my friend Anjar)

I really love music so then I wrote a thesis about music therapy. Believe me, combining psychology, biology, and music is really something but thank God I enjoyed it a lot (and finally graduated). Ah, so let’s talk about music. 


I’ve been a fan of Bandung Philharmonic, a pro orchestra from Bandung for about a year (or more I think). Right after I graduated on last September I got a chance to see their first symphony concert in this season at Hilton Bandung. Thank to Josh for this.

Bagus, me, and Josh

Tuesday, November 27th: Right two weeks ago, Bandung Philharmonic collaborated with Hilton Bandung to held an event called “If Music Be The Food of Love, Play On”. I came to this one too! (oh it’s so catchy I’m gonna use it as my post title)

So in this event, Hilton Bandung’s executive chef, Chef Tony Saputra collaborated with three musicians from Bandung Philharmonic to give a special and different experience for their audience. Chef Tony make food that inspired by classical songs they play. The three musicians are Cooper Wright on oboe, Bob Stoel on horn and Hazim Suhadi on piano.

Hazim, Bob, and Cooper
They play their instrument and Chef Tony make food inspired by the songs played
Pak Kevin, Hilton Bandung’s GM give his speech

And here’s the food. Too bad Chef Tony didn’t come so I couldn’t ask a lot about the ingredients, inspiration, and bla bla bla. But I think it’s ok as long as the food come lol 😛

I came to Hilton Bandung several times to taste their food and as expected, Chef Tony’s masterpieces are always amazing. The outstanding one for me was the appetizer: Soft Shell Crab. Oh I still can feel it on my tongue! Not to say that the others are dissappointed, but I always have “my best list” for every set-menu I tasted and for that night the winner is Soft Shell Crab!

I met a new friend too at that night, Amanda.

Hi there Amanda!
Ko Charles and Josh (again)! It’s so exciting to see familiar face here (photo captured by Amanda)

The best song at that night (for me) was D.E.T.I.K by Indonesian Composer, Nathan Iskandar. I love Bengawan Solo by Gesang too! Indonesian classical songs are already beautiful right? And the trio made this more and more beautiful.

With the composer, Nathan Iskandar

Sunday, December 2nd: Five days after that night, Hilton Bandung and Bandung Philharmonic collaborated (again) for a concert titled Holiday Concert. This time, thank to Hilton Bandung, I could come to their press conference (as part of media team :P) to know more everything about the concert will be held.

Robert Nordling (music director) and Joel Navarro (chorus master)
Robert, Joel, and the soloists
L-R: Pak Kevin (Hilton Bandung), Rama Widi, Ferry Chandra, Christopher Abimanyu, Robert Nordling, Regina Handoko, Heny Janawati, Joel Navarro, Airin Efferin, Winda (Hilton Bandung)

Sunday came and I was ready.

The crowd
Thank you Hilton Bandung for letting me step into the ballroom before audience (photo captured by Bagus)
Michael Hall (music director) and Airin Efferin (CEO Bandung Philharmonic)

The concert began with Overture in D, a song composed by another Indonesian talented composer, Filipus Wisnumurti Pranoto. By the way I came to another concert weeks before (it’s Acacia Youth String Orchestra Bandung) and his other work also performed there. Guess what. He, the composer, is 8 years younger than me. Oh my, so young and talented. After that a beautiful piece of Concerto No. 5 (Jan Krtitel Krumpholtz) performed with Rama Widi as a soloist. He is Indonesian finest harpist who has performed with various orchestras around the world.

At the session two Bandung Philharmonic introduce their choir group and the soloists. There are Regina Handoko (soprano), Heny Janawati (alto), Christopher Abimanyu (tenor) and Ferry Chandra (bass). They sang four Christmas masterpieces: Messiah (Georg Friedrich Handel), Winter Wonderland (Felix Bernard), Dreaming of a White Christmas (Irving Berlin), and Sleigh Ride (Leroy Anderson). The audience are allowed to record the last three songs and upload it on social media. For you who don’t know: you are not allowed to record performances in almost all classical concerts so I can say that it was a super-rare opportunity.

Bob Stoel who played horn at the previous concert was a part of this concert too.

Hi there Bob! (photo captured by Amanda)

What a happy night! I came to Hilton Bandung often to stay, to taste their food, to see their art exhibition, and I start to like to come for this music thingy. Keep having good events, Hilton Bandung, so I’ll keep coming to you 😛


At the same time same day, Soomin, my friend from Korea also watched an orchestra concert. It’s HPO Hyundae Philharmonic Orchestra. What a coincident!

HPO Hyundae Philharmonic Orchestra (photo cr: Soomin)
Another happy hand (photo cr: Soomin)
Soomin with her sister (whom a viola player), her sister’s soon to be husband (yeah they’ll get married in this weekend!) and her mother (photo cr: Soomin)

It’s always exciting when you have friend with same hobbies. Both of us love drawing and music too! And next week I will see her and have a year-end trip together. Think it will be fun, can’t wait!


2 Replies to “If Music Be The Food of Love, Play On”

  1. Gimmy says:

    Mirza, amazing…ayo gabung dengan pusat geriatri RSHS, musik terapinya Mirza pasti ajab sangat berguna. Gabung sbg sukarelawan dulu dg Roswita, in sya Allah Mirza ajab sukses..Bismillah..coba kontak dr. Lazuardhi atau dr. Apandi..

    • mirzarfina says:

      Waaah kang Gimmy 🙂 iya nih pengen banget tapi 2019 kayaknya mau keluar dari pulau Jawa, insya Allah musiknya tetep dipake untuk bantu orang lain. Saya simpen dulu nama-namanya, hatur nuhun pisan infonya ya kang 🙂

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