Dream Catcher Story

March 27, 2024 Journal

Last week I heard that my friend/ex colleague from my previous workplace passed away because of her sickness. We were not that close but I feel sad hearing that news. One of her colleague, whom also a friend of mine uploaded an Instagram story update and showed her office room. My late friend had a beautiful dream catcher hanging on a corkboard behind her table at her working corner.

I was frozen for a moment. My memory flies back to 2019.

Five years ago me and her working together under the same institution but I was placed at Bali/Flores, meanwhile she worked at Lembang. One day in 2019 when I came visit Lembang I gave her, my late-friend, a dream catcher I bought at Bali as souvenir. I’m not that kind of friend who likes giving gift to others but at that time I feel I need to buy the dream catcher and give it to her. It was a cheap gift and knowing her background who came from a well-off family I keep asking myself “Do I really need to give it to her?”. I gave it to her anyway and I clearly remember she was so happy receiving that. She smiled and even laugh and said “Thank you so much Mirza!”. My heart’s getting warm.

After my resignation in 2021, I almost never talk to her. Up until yesterday, I didn’t know that she still keep the dream catcher I gave her back then. It’s almost five years since I gave her the dream catcher. Turns out it means a lot to her.

Once again, my heart’s getting warm.

Rest in peace dear friend.

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