April 2019

New Chapter in Life

April 20, 2019 Livre Journal

Right after I graduated on August 2018, I wrote a list about what kind of job that I want. Here’s some of them: Non Government Organization (NGO), foundation or hospital Not in Jakarta or Bandung In remote area but under a well-known foundation No more formal suit Those are specific things, I know. But I remember that we should put specific details in our prayer and wish-list so yeah that’s why 😛 Long story short, I accepted the offer fromRead More

Hi there!

Hi there! Welcome to my blog! My name is Mirza Arfina, some of my friends call me Mija and you can call me that too. I work in mental health sector, a clinical psychologist if I may say. In counseling room, I listen to my clients stories. Here on my blog, I share mine.

Thank you for coming to this blog, hope you have a good day!