Piano Tutorial: Do and Don’t

July 15, 2014 Music

1. Do: lift your wrist. Don’t: rest your wrist on piano keys. Even though it sounds sooo basic, but yes some of pianists still do this lazy-man gesture. 2. Do: put your repertoire at the front holder. Don’t: put the repertoire on the floor. 3. Do: normal feet position. Right feet to push the right and middle treadle, left feet for left treadle. Don’t: cross your feet. You’re playing piano, not attending arisan ibu-ibu. That’s all, thank you and hope it helpsRead More

Just Smile, It Helps

January 12, 2014 Belajar Psikologi, My Mind

“Just smile, it helps.” Kata-kata di atas ini aku dapet dari Adhel in a 15 mins escape journey on last Friday. Jadi minggu lalu emang lagi cerita suatu masalah gitu dan kata-kata dia yang paling nempel ya itu. Maybe he doesn’t even remember but it was just like a knife stab in my heart. Seorang Mirza Arfina, yang ngaku lulusan psikologi, tenggelam di masalah sendiri dan bahkan ngga inget cara paling sederhana untuk ngangkat mood diri sendiri. “Kalo lo ga bisa nolongRead More

Itu Jari Tangan? Serius?

October 1, 2012 My Mind

Pernah ngga sih dapet komentar fisik yang ngga enak dan bikin mikir negatif sama diri sendiri? Kayak misalnya gendut, kurus, pesek, pendek, buntet dll. Dari kecil, aku udah kenyang banget sama komen gendut dari orang sekitar. Lama-lama komen itu pelan-pelan berubah dari “gendut” ke “jari buntet”. Not that I’m not fat anymore, but the focus is just slowly change because I have new hobby. I love to play piano and sometimes I wanna share what I love to my social media.Read More

Enjoying Life Rules – Me Version

September 9, 2012 My Mind

Every word I write below is just my opinion, so you may agree or not. Up to you and happy reading, here we go. What we need exactly to happily live our life? There’s no exact theory for that. People have different life. One thing I know, life is simple. Eat when you hungry and just eat. Too many comments or complaints, you couldn’t taste the joyful of life. Smoke if you wanna die at your young age, don’t smokeRead More

Sungha’s Concert, Confirmed!

July 28, 2012 Music

One of the most-talented-fingerstyle-guitarists in the world, Jung Sungha, will come to Indonesia! This is what I’ve been waiting so long. Oh my, I still remember how I surprised my friends during the KKN days (KKN is like a community development participation class that I had to take). It was on January, when I still on my bed and not fully awake (maybe it was about at 5 am) I checked my email and opened facebook on my handphone. ThereRead More

Yes, I am the lucky one!

June 23, 2012 Music

Actually this is a copy version of the latest post on my tumblr with the same title. On this one, I just translate it in English. So for you guys who have read my tumblr, please don’t be bored and enjoy the flow of my words~ Here we go! I saw Jason Mraz! After a sad story on last November 2011, I had 3 VIP Jason Mraz’s concert free passes but couldn’t go to Bali, finally last night I sawRead More

Tell Her To Make Her Better

October 1, 2011 My Mind

Idk, but I think telling private things on your social media like fb or twitter account is just immature. Sorry to say but that’s what on my mind. And last night I read on my acquaintance’s twitter timeline (I know her less than a week), we don’t follow each other but I knew her account from the other friend. So the point is her timeline (let’s just call her Ms. A) telling us that she really hate another woman (thisRead More


September 9, 2011 Hobby, Music

Last Wednesday, just 2 days after Mrs. Mela asked me to join a concert, she texted me. Told me that I had to came to my music school to take another piano sheets. I will not play 1 song, but 3 songs because she said the song before is too short. Errrr.. (-_-“) So yesterday I met her and received the sheets. I’ve joined a concert before. On my last concert I played Humoresque, a 2 minutes song and learnedRead More


September 6, 2011 Music

Yesterday my piano teacher asked me to join a piano concert on this September yeay! And I said (absolutely) yes, OMG! On last August 16th I said to myself that I want to play piano at concert, again. For this one, I will play Footpath in the Rain, a song by M. Konishi at Centre Culturel Francais in Bandung on September 23rd. Even though it’s only a one minute song I’ll learn it hard. It was D-18 when I asked toRead More

Hi there!

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Mirza Arfina, an Indonesian who loves Indonesia and currently enrolled as a graduate student of Padjadjaran University, majoring in clinical psychology. Some of my friends call me Mija and you can call me that too. Thank you for coming to this blog, hope you have a good day!