JoJo in 40 Days

August 18, 2014 Music

Another concert in 40 days and I’ll play a K-Pop song. Can you believe that I’ll play K-Pop at a classical concert? It all started when Mrs. Mela, my piano teacher, asked me to join the concert and offered me to choose my own song, then I told it to my friend Giza.

She said, “I’ll come to your concert if you play K-Pop.” Then I randomly choose JoJo by SHINee. I submitted it to┬áMrs. Mela the song and she approved it. It was just like… what? Did she just say yes? So that’s how the story goes. I’m going to play a K-Pop song on a classical concert just because Giza asked it.

Btw since my activities going busier and busier, this could be my last concert ­čÖü I left my job and decided┬áto continue my study, now I’m a graduate┬ástudent and I gotta put my study above everything, even above my hobbies. Don’t have enough time to do piano practice everyday and it seems that I have to leave my music school in the near future. So if this my really last (not-really) classical concert, just hope I’ll play the song well. Aamiin.



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